Privacy Policy

We require that you provide us with an email address that we can use to send you information for future purchases and also so that you can confirm your account with us when you register. This is done to prevent spam accounts from flooding the website and disrupting the stability of our servers. This is why it’s so important for us to gather information from you so that we know that each client is a legitimate buyer that is interested in our services.

How we use your information:

The information we collect from each client is only going to be used by us and there are never going to be any third parties involved. We do not sell or trade any of the contents in our database and we will always make sure that this remains exclusive with all of our customers. The only exception being any legal matters that needs to be dealt with between the customer and the company.

We also use the information we get from you to improve out service in case of a survey being conducted to help us provide you with more quality. We are interested in providing efficiency at all costs and this is why the collected data is important for us and we keep it private at all times.

Consent from you:

When you enter our website you are agreeing to our terms and conditions and you need to check for policy changes, which we will always announce to our users.

Contact us:

If you need to contact us with any questions regarding our service, you can do it at any time with our contact form or via email. You will get a responds from our customer service department as soon as possible and we will make sure that you can get answers for any questions you have.