Customer Faq

What is the cost of shipping?

The shipping cost will vary depending on your location. If you make a local purchase the shipping costs are going to be a lot lower than those that come from the other side of the world.

How long does it take for the items to be delivered?

This will also depend on the distance and the amount of cargo that is flown into your country on a weekly basis from the county of origin of the item you purchased. We will make sure that your product is shipped to you, but the handling of the purchased goods will be the responsibility of your local system.

What methods of payment do you take?

We currently take all major credit and debit cards as long as they are meant for international use. If you are not able to pay with credit cards you can contact us to see what can be done in your case.

Are the items new?

Everything we sell at our store is brand new and we only sell quality products. Our online store has a large selection of excellent items that you can purchase and you can feel safe knowing that you are going to receive top quality every time you buy from us.

Do you have online assistance for your clients?

We offer live chat for anyone who has any questions regarding our services and our deliveries. You can reach out with any doubts you have and we will do our very best to make sure they are completely cleared for you.

Is it safe to purchase items from your store?

We have a very safe server that is guarded with top of the line security technology. All of your transactions are very safe and you can be sure that there won’t be any scams or hacks getting in the way of your purchases with us.


Education section

There is nothing more important than our education in life and this can come in many different forms. Some people still think that you can only get proper education from learning institutions such as colleges and universities, but this is not the case I the modern world. We can now get specialized media that is just as good as sitting in a class room and we can watch it on our computers or DVD players. There are many modern gadgets and devices that are perfect to make education even easier for us and we have many of them for sale.

A computer laptop or a tablet can both be used to do research read all kinds of books and watch tutorial videos or lectures on subjects we are interested in. We have everything you need in order to get the proper education you want in life. We can all now accomplish so much more than we could in past years and it’s mainly due to the fact that we can be a lot more efficient thanks to modern technology. You can even read and study material on the go with a small tablet and even with a smartphone.

We have literally millions of happy customers who have seen just how good the quality of our service is. We provide people with thousands of items that they can purchase safely from our servers and get them delivered to their homes or offices fast and efficiently. Our customer service is very important to us and we make sure that every single client is taken care of and any doubts they might have regarding the service are cleared quickly. You can do your shopping for everyone and any kind of holiday season as well as birthdays and of course education material as well.